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Legacy Power Couple Dr. Angelo and Yolanda Thrower

May 16, 2016

Originally published in Legacy Miami, May 9, 2016.

It started as just another day shooting hoops at the local park for Dr. Angelo Thrower, but ended up the being the day things changed forever—this was the day the South Florida dermatologist first laid eyes on Yolanda. However, it would be another month before the two met again, when a mutual friend brought Yolanda to Dr. Thrower’s son’s eight birthday party. Ten years later, the couple has been married six years and run two successful businesses.

The Throwers didn’t begin their marriage as business partners. Mrs. Thrower, a social worker for Broward County School Board, stepped in to help run Dr. Thrower’s Skin Care and Dr. Thrower’s Dermatology, Skin Care and Medi-Spa, Inc.

Although the dermatology practice and skin care company specializing in ethnic skin and hair care were quite established and well-known, the businesses were experiencing some challenges that Dr. Thrower just couldn’t seem to get to the bottom of.

That’s when his wife decided to learn the business from the inside out. After a year’s personal leave from her job, Mrs. Thrower had resurrected the companies, bringing them into high profitability. She’s since returned to working as a social worker full time and runs the office remotely from home in the evenings.

The Throwers have some insights to share on success in marriage and business:

What is your number one secret to success as a couple?

Dr. Thrower: If you marry the right partner, it’s always best from a man’s perspective to listen, because, consistently, when you make unilateral decisions as a man, you always have to come back and apologize.

Yolanda: From a business standpoint, his areas of need were my strengths.

What is your number one secret to success in career/business? 

Yolanda: Put God first… that’s our number one. If it doesn’t feel right, then we don’t move forward with it.

Dr. Thrower: You’ve got to have talented people. Regardless of how great Lebron [James] was, he needed to come out there and play with Chris [Bosh] and Dwayne [Wade].

What is the biggest challenge as a successful couple, and how do you deal with it?

There’s this term called “Alpha Male,” and I would definitely volunteer my wife as being an Alpha Male. So, what you have do as an Alpha Male working with another Alpha Male/Woman is be open minded. Don’t think it’s your way or the highway. We try to do it together.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Yolanda: I would say one of the biggest challenges is juggling. With Angelo, it’s not just a doctor’s office, it’s also a product business, and that is a huge juggling act. And we have a family, so you have to juggle that in, too, so it’s a whole lot of multi-tasking.

Sunday I was sitting at the Heat game on Sunday. Angelo was in the locker room [as official Dermatology and Skin Care Physician of the NBA’s Miami Heat] and I’m in the regular area just sitting down in my seat -- and I was emailing! Then when the game started, we shut it down [and enjoyed the game together].

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