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Introducing Product Subscriptions

June 7, 2016

One day you're squeezing out the last couple of drops, and the next day you're looking at an empty container.

Now you have to reorder and you're left with a gap in your regimen, using whatever backup products you have laying around, while you wait for your products to ship.

Don't let this happen to you! 

Dr. Thrower's Skin Care now offers Product Subscriptions, ensuring you get your products when you need them.

Not only will your your product automatically ship to you, but you will save 10% off the price of the product. This discount is applied on top of any sales or other discounts (such as the already discounted price of our Total Solution Kits). 

Here's how to works:

1) Simply choose your product.


2) Select how often you'd like to receive it.


3) Complete your subscription.


4) After you've set up your subscription, you can forget about it and leave the rest to us. We will ship your products to you and bill you at the intervals you've set. You can manage your subscription (link is in the website footer) on your own to cancel, pause or edit your subscription at any time. 


So, subscribe, save and forget about it. Never have your skin and hair care routine interrupted again!

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