Gentle Hair Removal Dr. Thrower's Medi-Spa Pre & Post Treatment

Thrower Care Pre & Post-Treatment

For best results, we recommend that you take certain steps before and after your laser hair removal treatments to ensure maximum comfort and effectiveness of your treatment.


Six Weeks Prior to Treatment

  • If you are preparing for your FIRST treatment, avoid plucking, electrolysis or waxing.
  • If you are IN BETWEEN treatment sessions, and wish to remove hair, ONLY use shaving as a hair removal method. DO NOT pluck, wax, thread, etc. 

Two Weeks Prior to Treatment

  • Do not expose the treatment area to excessive sunlight or tanning booth light.

Five Days Prior to Treatment

24 to 48 Hours Prior to Treatment

Day of Treatment

  • On the day of your treatment, the area of treatment should be thoroughly cleansed of any makeup, creams, oils, topical anesthetics or self-tanning products.


Five Days After Treatment

In-Between Treatments

  • If you wish to remove hair in the treatment area in between treatment sessions, ONLY use shaving as a hair removal method. DO NOT pluck, wax, thread, etc. 


If you have any questions about pre or post-treatment skin care, please email us