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Quick Drying Bump Treatment - Acne Treatment

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$ 31.99
  • Dermatologist created and formulated.
  • Tested - proven safe and effective! 
  • Made with Natural Ingredients.

Uses: Treats acne and shave bumps.

Sulfur helps dry out oily, acne prone skin, resulting in decreased inflammation of pimples and other blemishes on your skin, such as shaving/razor bumps. Sulfur can also help decrease the appearance of whiteheads on your skin by decreasing the oiliness and preventing pores from becoming blocked.

Directions: Use mornings and evenings. SHAKE TO ACTIVATE. Apply to clean skin after SPF 30 in AM or Aloe Moisturizing Cream in PM. Apply directly to the acne or shaving bumps with a cotton swab. Allow to dry for approximately 5-10 minutes and leave on overnight.

Dr. Thrower's Recommended Skin Care Regimen

Follow the daily regimen below for best results:

  1. Step 1 - [Your Skin Type] Facial Cleanser
  2. Step 3 - [Your Skin Type] Skin Facial Toner/Astringent
  3. Step 4 Morning - SPF 30 Face & Body Moisturizing Lotion
  4. Quick Drying Bump Treatment
  1. Step 1 - [Your Skin Type] Facial Cleanser
  2. Step 2A - [Your Skin Type] Facial Scrub (as needed twice a week)
  3. Step 2B - [Your Skin Type] Facial Mask (as needed twice a week)
  4. Step 3 - [Your Skin Type] Skin Facial Toner/Astringent
  5. Step 4 Nighttime - Aloe Facial Moisturizing Cream
  6. Quick Drying Bump Treatment

Active Ingredient: Sulfur - 10%

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