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  • Dr. Thrower's Skin Lightening Facial Treatment

    November 23, 2016

    The Skin Lightening Facial Treatment, offered at Dr. Thrower's Medi-Spa, helps treat skin hyper-pigmentation.


  • Connect with Dr. Thrower on Snapchat!

    November 1, 2016

    We're excited to announce that Dr. Thrower's Skin Care now has a Snapchat account!
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  • 4 Steps to Properly Wash Your Face

    September 15, 2016

    When it comes to your skin care routine, it's no secret that consistency is key. You can't expect to have clear, healthy skin if you only wash your face twice a week!

    However, what's not to be overlooked is technique. That is, how you apply the product for maximum effect. Did you know that technique is important, even for something as simple as washing your face?


  • Introducing Product Subscriptions

    June 7, 2016

    Being consistent with your skin and hair care regimen is vital to its success. But when products start running low and it's time to reorder, life sometimes gets in the way.

    One day you're squeezing out the last couple of drops, and the next day you're looking at an empty container.


  • Regrowing Your Hair with Thro-Grower Minoxidil 5%

    June 7, 2016

    What is Thro-Grower?

    Thro-Grower contains 5% Minoxidil and Redensyl in a scalp-friendly conditioner base.

    For men and women with hair thinning or hair loss area on the top of the scalp.


  • Men: This Is How You Shave to Avoid Razor Bumps

    May 16, 2016

    Razor bumps are a pain in the neck -- literally! And unfortunately, they are daily battle that many ethnic and Black men endure.

    We've provided some background information on what causes the dermatological condition, also referred to as shave bumps, and how to prevent it.