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Dr. Angelo P. Thrower, is a medical doctor, specializing in ethnic skin and hair conditions, opened his private practice more than 25 years ago. Since that time, he has formulated a line of skin type specific skin care products, authored three test books covering skin and hair care for ethnic skin, and has served as one of the team physicians for the NBA's Miami Heat since 1992. 

A graduate of the University of Miami School of Medicine, and George Washington University Medical Center in Washington DC, Dr. Thrower has contributed greatly to the study of dermatology in ethnic skin, writing the book Black Skin Care for the Practicing Professional, and co-authoring Skin Care: How to Save Your Skin and Basic Care for Naturally Textured Hair.

Dr. Thrower's focus on ethnic skin and hair care led him to develop the Dr. Thrower Skin Type Specific line of skin care products, specifically formulated to address certain issues facing varying skin types. His over-the-counter products are sold in his practice, in beauty supply stores, and are available for purchase on this website. He is also the creator of the Thro-Grower Rx Hair Regrowth products, which are scalp-friendly for all hair types. These products have been patented and are pending FDA approval.Dr. Thrower's philosophy is to treat and educate consumers from all ethnic groups about the importance of proper hair care, skin care and treatments based on their specific skin type and scalp conditions.

Our Story

Established in 1992. Dermatologist developed. Focused on diverse skin tones.

We believe that perfect skin is healthy skin no matter the tone, that skincare is a journey, and skin education is key. We focus on diverse skin tones because high
pigmentation skin has unique needs often underserved by mainstream brands. We are a black-owned brand with a purpose: to support our #glower’s skincare
journey into healthy, glowing skin with proven formulations and professional advice.

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How it all started

Our brand started with Dr. Angelo Thrower M.D, P.A, in 1992 when he sought to create a line of products his ethnic patients could use with great results.

Early in his childhood, Dr. Thrower became interested in medicine through his mother, a hospital worker, and later during his teenage years, while struggling with acne, became curious about dermatology.

Dr. Thrower got his start as a graduate of the University of Miami School of Medicine and the George Washington University Medical Center. Although dermatology was a common specialty, Dr. Thrower found few professionals understood the needs of high pigmentation skin and even fewer graduate programs taught it.

As a result, Dr. Thrower had to teach himself about dermatology for high pigmentation skin. A pioneer in this distinctive field, and with more than 3 decades of clinical experience, Dr. Thrower is regarded an expert. He has written 3 textbooks and is the official physician for the Miami Heat Team.

Our values

Skin education first

We design durable products that blend timeless style with functional features that help lay the foundation for better living.

Create communities

We bring together a community of passionate and diverse individuals who want to be part of something bigger.

Inspire innovation

We are a forward-thinking brand that delivers cutting-edge products to fit our customers' modern and evolving lifestyles.

Be authentic

We are driven by passion, not ego. We recognize and celebrate our individuality, strengths, and even weaknesses, but remain humble and open to continuous improvement.

Product Evolution

Skincare for diverse tones was non-existent in the 90s. Observing this need, Dr. Thrower created the first skincare system that addresses the primary concerns of diverse skin tones: acne & discoloration, dryness & irritation.

Since then, Dr. Thrower’s Skincare regimens have been tested, refined & vetted by thousands of Dr. Thrower’s patients at Dr. Thrower’s Medspa in Holywood Florida.

Check out our product evolution throughout the years:

  • Dr. Thrower’s Heritage Collection
  • Dr. Thrower’s Heritage Black Skin Care
  • Dr. Thrower’s Skincare Spa Line for Men & Women
  • Dr. Thrower’s Skincare

Our mission is to help 1 million faces return to glowing, healthy
skin through the use of skin type-specific, ingredient-compatible
proven formulas.