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Perfect Tone Cream
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Perfect Tone Cream

$ 57.00

  • Formerly requiring a prescription, this medication is now available over-the-counter at full-strength concentration!

    Perfect Tone Cream (PTC) is used to treat dark spots and moderate skin discoloration. It can be used as a spot treatment or on larger areas. Use of this skin lightening medication will result in a brighter, even skin complexion, and clear, soft, smooth, healthy looking skin. Results can be seen in as littler as three days!


    Perfect Tone Cream | skin lightening for skin discolorations, dark spots, scarring

  • Application: Apply medication to areas desired to be lightened in a very thin layer. Leave on overnight.

    WARNING: If the area being treated with Perfect Tone Cream becomes irritated (pink, red or flaky skin), discontinue treatment for a few days and restart medication when irritation has resolved.

  • Active Ingredient: Hydroquinone - 4%

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