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Don't Let Shaving Irritation Get Under Your Skin

Don't Let Shaving Irritation Get Under Your Skin


When smooth, hair-free skin is your goal, the last thing you want to worry about is bumps caused by shaving. These bumps are not only unsightly, but they are also uncomfortable, resulting in itching and pain, and can even lead to infection and scarring.

Most people with naturally coarse or tightly curling hair are no strangers to the headaches caused by razor bumps. It is particularly an issue for Black men: one study found 83 percent of Black men experienced razor bumps.

Women also deal with this dermatological condition, especially in sensitive areas such as the bikini line.

What causes razor bumps?

Razor bumps, also known as shave bumps, are ingrown hairs formed when hair that has been shaved grows back under the skin.

There are two types of razor bumps:

  • Hair that has exited the follicle and reentered the skin
  • Hair never exits the follicle, but because of its naturally curly nature curls back into the follicle causing fluid build-up and irritation

How do you prevent razor bumps?

  • Use proper techniques when shaving.
  • Use a sharp, new razor blade.
  • Shave daily.
  • Use light, downward strokes. Never stroke up and down.
  • Use proper products before, after and during shave process. 

Shave DailyShaving daily allows you to cut the hair before it has the opportunity to re-enter skin and cause skin irritation.

Dr. Thrower's Recommendations:

  • Therapy Relief Shave Oil: This shave oil is applied as the first step of your shaving routine. It helps prepare the shave area, eliminates irritation and razor burn from shaving, and allows the razor to comfortably glide across your skin.
  • Therapy Relief Shave Gel: As the second step of your shaving routine, this shave gel helps to eliminate bumps from shaving, heals and protects, and promotes skin resilience. It is the ultimate "pillow" for your shave areas, protecting the skin from the stress of shaving with a razor. It also promotes rapid skin healing from any small cuts.
  • Quick Drying Bump Treatment: Use morning and evening for treatment of razor bumps. This treatment dries and eliminates bumps.
  • Dark Spot Fade Treatment Solution: Use morning and evening for treatment of scarring caused by razor bumps and irritation. The active ingredient, hydroquinone 2%, fades dark spots over time, resulting in a bright, even skin tone. 

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