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Smooth Skin Shaving Tips for Women

Smooth Skin Shaving Tips for Women

For many women, shaving can be a worrisome, but necessary grooming, and hygiene nightmare.

For many ethnic women getting ingrown hairs after shaving too close with a razor can be hard to deal with.

The consequences are usually unsightly shaving rash, bumps, and dark spots.

When hair is shaved too close and is below the skin the hair re-grows by piercing the neighboring skin like a “splinter”. The skin reacts to the hair by producing bumps and dark spots.

As a solution some women resort to heavy makeup to cover unsightly areas.

The areas that maybe most affected by shaving bumps are the bikini line, pubic area, stomach area and armpits.

Ingrown hairs can be avoided by following the below recommended shaving techniques and use of Dr. Thrower's Shave Relief Gel and Shave Relief Oil. When a problem does arise use Dr. Thrower's Quick Drying Bump Treatment and Dr. Thrower's Dark Spot Fade Treatment.

ALWAYS shave in a downward direction, using light pressure.

NEVER use up and down strokes. Replace shave cartridge after 3-4 shaves. The frequency of shaving should be daily or every other day. The goal is to catch the new hair growth before it can re-penetrate the skin.

Rinse shaved area with cool water, and re-apply a small amount of Therapy Relief Shave Oil for all-day moisturizing.

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