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Customer Spotlight!

Customer Spotlight!
For the past 30 years, we have seen many results from customers happier with their skin because of Dr. Thrower's Skincare. So, we decided to create a segment to showcase those cases for anyone else who wants to improve the health of their skin. Once a month we will be interviewing a customer about their skin journey and how Dr. Thrower's Skincare has changed their life. This month we are putting Takira Williams in the spotlight!

How long has your skin journey been? How did you hear about Dr. Thrower?
My journey with Dr.Thrower has been ongoing for about a solid 3 years now! My main struggle is hormonal imbalances and it causes severe breakouts around my chin area. Also with dark spots as well. I heard about Dr.Thrower after running out of options and it seemed as this last option became the best decision ever. Dr.Thrower came into the room examined my face, walked out and told me what I needed, I'll never forget it because it was a huge 180 degree turn.


What does having healthy skin mean to you?
What having Healthy skin means to me is being able to feel and look healthy. When those two aspects play a part, your confidence thrives! Having healthy skin is very important to me and it isn't for the liking of others but for me to remain beautiful in my own skin. Healthy skin is beautiful and it glows that is why I have been a glower for 3 years with Dr.Throwers skin care products it has been nothing but beneficial to my face.


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