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Dr. Thrower's Skin Lightening Facial Treatment

Dr. Thrower's Skin Lightening Facial Treatment


The Skin Lightening Facial Treatment, offered at Dr. Thrower's Medi-Spa, helps treat skin hyper-pigmentation. We have two intensity levels: one for mild to moderate skin resurfacing ($125) and one for moderate to aggressive skin resurfacing ($150). The degree of skin hyper-pigmentation will determine which facial you should get.

Here are the top skin tips from this video: 

  • When cleansing the face, working up a good lather helps to thoroughly cleanse the skin. Give your skin some TLC and really massage the cleanser in. You'll notice the difference!
  • Within the first 48 hours after getting a facial, try to avoid exposing your skin to extreme heat. This means you'll want to stay away from the sauna and keep the water cool when showering and washing your face.
  • Using an astringent or toner is key to your skin care regimen. It removes any remaining residue or dirt after cleansing, normalizes the skin's pH level, and tightens pores.
  • Massaging the skin helps to soften oil and debris trapped in pores, making it easier to remove.
  • Getting a facial every six to eight weeks is ideal for maintaining healthy, radiant skin. Think of it as a deep cleaning for your skin, above and beyond what you're able to do at home.

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