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Men: This Is How You Shave to Avoid Razor Bumps

Men: This Is How You Shave to Avoid Razor Bumps

Black man shaving

Razor bumps are a pain in the neck -- literally! And unfortunately, they are daily battle that many ethnic and Black men endure.

We've provided some background information on what causes the dermatological condition, also referred to as shave bumps, and how to prevent it.

Fortunately, sporting a beard isn't the only solution to avoiding razor bumps. You can cut down or eliminate this pesky issue by using the proper shaving techniques and dilegently following a skin care regimen before and after shaving.


Dr. Thrower's Shave Technique for Men



  1. Wash area.
  2. Apply Therapy Relief Shave Oil.
  3. Apply Therapy Relief Shave Gel.


  1. Consider your face as 3 separate sections (as pictured).
  2. Shave each of these sections separately.
  3. Use light, downward shave strokes. NEVER use up and down strokes.
  4. Rinse shaved area with cool water.
  5. Re-apply Therapy Relief Shave Oil for all-day moisture.
Man Shaving


  1. Wash area.
  2. Apply Oily Skin Facial Astringent to shave area.
  3. Apply Quick Dry Bump Treatment on shave areas and leave on overnight.
  4. For treatment of scaring and darks spots, apply Dark Spot Fade Treatment Solution.

Quick Tips

  • Replace shave cartridge after 3-4 shaves.
  • Shave EVERYDAY at the same time to catch hair before the hair repenetration process starts, as shown in the photo below. 

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